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Wee Ones is now accepting applications for Princess Minnie.

Minnie is an 18 week old Terrier Cross.

This young lady is pretty mellow for a puppy.

Minnie is still getting use to the colder weather and is learning to do her business outside. Currently she prefers her pee pads and does not have accidents.

Minnie likes to bond to her humans and is glued to your side. Minnie’s ideal home is with someone who is home a lot and not gone for long periods of time.

Minnie is good with cats and small dogs. It takes her a bit to warm up to another small dog but does well with them once given the chance to get to know them.

Minnie has decided that she doesn’t like a crate and requires a home where she will not be crated.

Her favorite thing to do is lay with her human, chew on her bully stick and just be chill.

Minnie has her favorite toy but is not toy driven. She picked one and doesn’t bother with the other 15.

Minnie has no food aggression and now that she is an only child, she has decided to become a grazer. When she arrived, she required a slow bowl because she would eat so fast, she would throw up immediately afterwards. Now that she doesn’t have to share her food, she has slowed down.

Minnie is still very timid of loud noises and fast moves. She would not do well with loud hyper children.

Minnie needs to continue to work on her housetraining and her leash manners. She loves to travel short distances in the car but is uncertain if travelling is something she wants to do. (I feel once she has formed a bond with her forever family that she will enjoy travelling more. She had been through a lot in her short life span and needs to feel secure).

Minnie is currently being fostered in New Brunswick and her adoption fee is $500.

Minnie will require a booster shot in 3 weeks time. Updated on vaccines and is spay.

If you feel that Minnie would make a good addition to your home, please visit our website and fill out an adoption application.

Applications will remain until March 20, 2023.

van 4.jpg

                                                            Wee Ones is now accepting applications for Vanillie.

Vanillie is a sweet 18 week old Terrier Cross.

This young lady has a way about her that makes anyone she meets smile. A little ball of energy who loves with all her heart.

Vanillie is good with other small dogs and cats. Kids are ok as long as they respect her and allow her the time she needs to move at her own pace. She isn’t fond of loud noises, they tend to scare her a bit.

Vanillie can be left alone for shorter periods of time if she has another furry friend to play with. She will not do well with being left at home alone for 4-10 hours a day.

Vanillie is working hard on her house training skills and will use the pee pad. She is learning to do her business outside and is doing well with that on warmer days. Going from hot Texas weather to cold Maritime winter weather has been an adjustment but she is doing well with it.

Vanillie loved laying in front of the fire and soaking up the heat. She will also require a family who will spoil her with lots of toys and bully sticks.

Vanillie will require a family who will give her lots of snuggles, let her sleep in the bed with her humans at night and someone that is looking for their new best friend. She attaches hard and fast to her humans.

Vanillie does not like car rides. I think once she settles and realizes she is home and not going anywhere else, with lots of little practice runs she will be fine. She has experienced a lot in her short life span. She does not like to be crated.

If you think that you would make the ideal family for Vanillie, please visit our website and fill out an adoption application.

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