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Wee Ones Dog Rescue is now accepting adoption applications for Wally.

Meet Wally

This sweet boy is approximately 2 years old. We are unsure of his birthday.

Wally is a Jack Russel Terrier cross.

He is 35 pounds of sweetness and a ball of energy.

Please read his complete bio before applying because Wally needs a very specific home to have the best chance of his “happily ever after.”

Wally was adopted from an SPCA in Quebec. He had a good life when he was adopted but then his mom passed away and Wally was too high energy for his dad.

Wally made the trip to NS to visit family and they made the decision to surrender him to us. They wanted him to have the best life possible and knew that they were unable to provide that.

Like posted above, Wally is very high energy and he will need a home that is active and able to provide him with the physical exercise and stimulation that he requires.

Wally loves to play but can get over excited easily and starts to play a little rough. For this reason, Wally needs a home with no small children.

Wally bonds very quickly and his Terrier traits emerge quickly. He likes to protect the one he loves.

Wally gets along with every human he meets but likes to keep an eye on his human at all times.

He does not like to be crated. If you try to force him into a crate, he will snap at you. This boy has been crated enough in his life time and wants nothing to do with them.

Wally is 100% house trained and has had no accidents. He currently can be left alone for a few hours and is quite happy to chill with his Kong while you are out. Wally has not been left alone for a full day.

One of Wally's favorite pass times is protecting his home from squirrels. He feels the need to keep all pesky rodents away from his space. He has the hunting prey drive that most Terriers have.

Wally has no preference over females or males. He loves everyone.

Wally would be best suited in a home with just a mom or dad. Even though he ignored other dogs, he does get jealous if another animal tries to steal the attention.

So Wally has requested to be an only child.

Wally will benefit from some basic obedience training and as a part of his adoption agreement, Wee Ones will pay for those lessons.

If you feel that you would be a perfect match for Wally, please click HERE

for our adoption application!