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Dogs Currently Up For Adoption


Wee Ones is now accepting adoption applications for Marty.

Marty is going to need a very specific home and the family selected will be required to spend time with Marty and his trainer to learn his routine and how to deal/work on his issues.

Normally I would write up a lovely bio for the dogs that we post up. But I have decided to post what his trainer/foster had to say about Marty.

“Marty has been in foster with a trainer for numerous months now due to his quirks and the bad habits he had been allowed to practice for most of his life. He has come a LONG way with the help of training and a couple of medications that will need to be continued long term but he will also need the perfect home to ensure he continues to be successful and make good life choices.

He is a 4/5 (? Unsure of his birthday) year old male neutered Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is a sweet independent boy. He likes human company but you will rarely find that he wants to come curl up in bed or on the couch with you. He would prefer to lay nearby on a dog bed with a toy or bone. He enjoys walking/hiking and walks well on the leash. He is also kennel trained and loves his crate.

He loves to play with both his people chasing a ball or frisbee (although he doesn’t always bring it back) as well as other playful dogs both male and female of various sizes and breeds. He can initially be a bit pushy with some other dogs until they let him know his behaviour is unacceptable. He reads and respects dog language from his peers very well.

Now, the quirks. Marty can get very overstimulated very easily and when he does he gets mouthy. He has bitten in the past more than once with very little warning while overstimulated. He needs a home with someone who can read his body language and continue to reinforce that the overstimulation will not be tolerated. As long as he stays under his threshold he is a happy bouncy friendly little guy. He also would not tolerate his collar being touched or having a leash put on when he initially came into rescue. With lots of work and rules this is something we have almost completely worked through but will need to be continued to be worked on with the help of a trainer. Until he understands that his new people also have rules for him then he may try to push his boundaries and see what he can get away with. He is very food motivated and loves to learn! He also loves food puzzle games and treat toys which help with his mental stimulation. He has been muzzle trained and wears one at the vet to be on the safe side due to a previous incident at the vet before coming into foster.

His ideal home does not include children living in the home due to a previous history of being reactive around them and the potential for children to be VERY exciting which can cause overstimulation. Children visiting are no problem as long as his new family understands he should be kennelled in a quiet area of the house when they visit to avoid any potential issues. Walking with/around children at the park has been no problem. His current foster home has a dog savy 7 year old child which there have been zero issues with. His ideal home also includes another friendly/playful dog(s) for him to play with. His new family should be prepared to do a slow transition of him into the home and let him earn access to more areas and freedom as he understands that they also have rules for him. He is not the kind of dog you can just bring home and let loose in your house to have a free for all. More specific questions can be answered for any approved applications.”

If you feel that you can offer Marty the type of home he needs, please visit our website and fill out a adoption application.

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