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Wee Ones is now accepting adoption applications for Ovi.

Say hello to this handsome boy. Ovi is a 5 year old Pomeranian Cross. He currently weighs 25lbs and the vet figures he is at his ideal weight. He is neutered and updated on all his vaccines.

Ovi is a very independent and a very smart fellow.

His favorite pastime activities are playing with his favorite balls, destuffing toys, playing fetch and going for car rides.

Ovi is better suited to be the only pet in the house. He doesn’t like to share the attention and wants to be the centre of his humans world. Does not do well with cats. When he first arrived into his fosters home, he wasn’t bothered by the cat but as soon as mom picked up the cat, all bets were off.

Ovi does fine with quiet respectful children but has decided he doesn’t want to live with a bunch of crazy screaming kids.

Ovi takes a little bit to trust someone when he first meets them but warms up to new people when he is given the chance to take things at his pace.

Ovi is very independent. He is not a lap dog and will seek you out when he wants attention.

He enjoys sleeping with his owner but he isn’t a clingy dog.

He loves car rides and demands to ride shotgun. He actually will not settle in a car unless he has the front seat.

Ovi’s dislikes:

Visits to the vet office. He requires anxiety medication before he goes

Not being able to see something when he hears it. He will bark until he knows what the noise is

Does not enjoy the rain unless he is wearing his rain coat

Does not like the groomers. He is building a relationship with his current groomer. First time all she was able to do was a bath/dry. Needs medication prior to going

Once one gets over Ovi’s little quirks, you can see how this boy is such a sweet heart. Once he trusts you, you will have a best friend for life.

If you feel that Ovi would make a great addition to your family, visit our website and fill out an adoption application.

Ovi is currently located in NS. His adoption fee is $500.



Meet Maverick!

Maverick is a 2 year old Boston Terrier/Jack Russell Cross. He weighs 33lbs.

Maverick has been working hard to be the best boy. He’s got some leftover puppy energy that he’s (mostly) learned to curb, but sometimes he just gets so excited that he has to bounce around!

Maverick loves a walk and needs at least an hour of daily exercise.

Maverick’s favorite things:

Squeaky balls


Chest scritches while leaning up against his human

Licking your ears

What Maverick is still working on:

Being calm and neutral around other dogs

Loose leash walking when there are no treats involved

Not sticking his tongue into your ear canal

What Maverick needs:

A home with no other pets and no kids. He is dog and cat reactive.

He had a history of nipping prior to being surrendered, but this behavior has not been witnessed in his foster home over the last 2 months.

A dog savvy adopter would be best for this wonderful boy.

What Maverick brings to the table:

Unadulterated joy at your existence

Great walking buddy

Basically a weighted blanket once he gets to know you

Crate trained

Can stay alone while you work as long as he’s exercised

Not destructive

House trained

Basic muzzle training

Neverending squeaks from a squeaky toy

Maverick is currently on a medication called Fluoxetine. It costs around $58 for a 3 month supply at your local drugstore. Fluoxetine helps with his anxiety and works well for him. It is recommended by his vet that he remain on this medication.

Maverick is neutered and updated on all his vaccines.

If you think that Maverick would be a good fit for your family, you can visit our website and fill out an adoption application.

Maverick is currently located in NS and his adoption fee is $500.

Applications will remain open until the right fit has been found.



Wee Ones Dog Rescue is now accepting applications for Abigail.

Meet Abigail!

She is a 19 month old Pug Mix that weighs 34lbs. She is medium energy and gets spurts of puppy sillies that of course mean zoomies.

Abigail is the absolute sweetest and loves her family with everything she can give. She can be a little shy at first but opens up quickly. She does the same when meeting new people but will happily show them how sweet she is. When you sit on the couch she’ll be right at your side to snuggle and give kisses. She loves other dogs too both big and small.

What Abigail loves besides her family:

Walks and being outside especially if it means exploring new places

Playing fetch

Anything involving food

Sleeping next to you at night

What Abigail is really good at:

She’s housetrained and knows basic commands

She is smart and eager to please

She can be left out and is non-destructive

She is great at finding ways to keep busy with toys and bones

She loves snuggling and giving lots of love

She doesn’t jump unless she is looking for comfort

She’s great with kids

What Abigail dislikes:


The rain



What Abigail is working on:

Car rides are a little scary and she will shake but she does settle down after a bit

There is so much to see while walking that she does pull and will need continued support in learning how to loose leash walk

Not to mouth. When she gets excited she will start mouthing. She has been learning to grab a toy when people come in the door to help control herself but if she gets excited while playing she’ll grab your hand or whatever is in reach. She can be easily and quickly redirected to a toy.

Staying home alone. She has mild separation anxiety and will bark initially but settles down in a few minutes.

Not opening doors she knows how to push down on handles to open doors and will do so to get outside. She is very curious about the world around her and if presented with the chance to go out she will.

Not chasing birds. She chases them in the yard even if they fly over.

What Abigail needs with her forever family:

A home with no cats/small animals

A friend to play with either at home or near by

People home more than not, a few hours a day being gone is fine but not a full work day it’s too much for her. She would also do great at doggy daycare.

Abigail is spayed and up to date on all her vaccines. She will require a lyme and lepto booster in 3 weeks.

If you think that Abigail would be a good fit for your family, you can visit our website and fill out an adoption application.

Abigail is currently located in NS and her adoption fee is $550.

Applications close the evening of June 26th.

Little Jay


Wee Ones is now accepting adoption applications for Little Jay.

L Jay is a 20 week old Chihuahua Cross that weighs 10lbs.

This little ball of energy not only is handsome but he is very affectionate.

L Jay is neutered and up to date on his vaccines. He will require a booster for Lepto and Lyme in 3 weeks time.

Since arriving into care, Little Jay has enjoyed playing with his furry foster brother. So ideally, another young dog to play with in his forever home would be a bonus.

Little Jay is 90% house trained but still needs a little help in that area.

When his foster mom goes out for a couple hours, Little Jay will stay in a crate with a Kong or a bone. The less crate time, the better.

At night time he loves to cuddle in bed with his human. He has no desire to change this routine.

Jay does well with kids, other dogs and any person that will pamper him with attention. He has not been cat tested but I’m sure he will do fine. In saying that, we are pretty sure he will try and play with the cat. So if you have a cat that isn’t fond of dogs, it may not be a match because we promise you, he will be in their face.

L Jay’s adoption fee is $550.

Applications will close on the evening of June 26. Only the successful applicant will be contacted.

Adoption applications can be found on our website.

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